• How long is a visit lasting?

Generally, 15 minutes are scheduled per appointment; more time is required for complex cases and for new patients.

  • Can 2 people come for an appointment?

The patients can be accompanied, but only one visit is done for every appointment.

  • I’m a new patient, what should I do?

You need to request an appointment as a “first visit” and to bring your own clinical documents with you.

  • Can I come on behalf of a family member?

Yes, You can request the renewal of drugs presctiptios or scheduled controls if you have the patient consent.

  • Does the doctor see the results of my tests?

The findings of the investigations are read by the doctor only when the client requests the assessment.

  • Can I request an evaluation of the exams via e-mail?

No, because the exam report must be combined with the clinical evaluation that requires direct contact between the doctor and the patient.

  • Do I have to pay for medical certificates?

By convention, certificates of sickness for workers and certificates of non-competitive sports fitness in schools are issued free of charge.

The following certificates are to be paid:

  • Certificate for application for civil disability
  • Certified for non-competitive sporting activities
  • Anamnestic certificate for driving license
  • Certificate for port of arms
  • Can I book a visit for a friend?

Yes, but if your friend is not assisted by this doctors group, he will be charged for the clinic  or domiciliary visit.

  • Are visits to tourists available?

Yes, but unfortunately the service for tourists is not free of charge. Service is subject to the doctors’ availability.