Medical Reports

Did you have lab tests, a specialist visit or a visit outside the Trento Province?

If you wish, the medical report can be sent to your doctor who will view it before your clinic visit. Call reception to book an appointment to evaluate the outcome with the doctor and agree on subsequent actions.

Tell your doctor even if you think the test result is normal, to allow him to update your medical record which is the basis for future evaluations.

Remember that without your communication (and without your consent to privacy) the doctor will NOT evaluate the assessments and visits made.

Write your data and choose the type of report you want to send to the doctor:

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I did an analysis.I did a specialist visit with APSS.I visited privately or outside the Trento Province.

Attach your medical report ONLY in case of private or out of Trento province visit.
- we accept .pdf files with a maximum size of 1 MB -

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